About Us

The love for bijoux started with my Grandmother who migrated from Haiti to the United States in search for new beginnings. She had to leave behind many loved ones and the only life she's known. However, one thing she never lost, was her sense of style and joy for jewelry and the finer things. As a little girl, my grandmother would always showcase her jewelry and tell me the stories that came with them. Although we came from humble beginnings, treating herself to the finest jewels she could afford was never a lack. Even her infamous china dish-wear, although reserved for special occasions, made you feel as though royalty was present at dinner time. As an immigrant of this country, my grandmother worked long hours tirelessly to take care of her children while maintaining her essence, which she made sure to pass down to her daughter and now me. It was the joy of watching my grandmother and mother's joint passion for fine jewels that gave me mine.

Any woman can pull off any style she pleases, but for me it wasn’t just about the styles, I was always fascinated with how jewelry from royal families all over the world would last through centuries, from one generation through the next, and how they were well maintained. I too, wanted jewelry that would last through centuries that could be past down to generations (A girl can dream).

However, through the years of buying various custom jewelry, I realized that some pieces could only be worn once, maybe twice and after that it was no longer viable. That reality pushed me to want to create something that is beautiful, affordable and can last for more than just one year. I want to preserve the essence of my grandmother's style and joy for fine jewelry.


This business was formed to give all women a chance to be adorned with luxurious custom jewelry pieces that could stand the test of time.